Facilitadores e dificultadores na implementação de um negócio inclusivo em três países de diferentes continentes / The factors that facilitate or hinder the implementation of an inclusive business in three countries located in different continents


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Many alternative means of combating high social deficits have been proposed for emerging countries. Since the 1990s there has not only been an increase in philanthropic activity by private enterprise, but also an intensification in the role played by civil society organizations. Twenty years ago, business and civil society were two separate subjects, strongly resistant to collaboration. Eleven years into the twenty-first century, this reality has changed dramatically. Today dialogue is not only possible, but essential for a win-win relationship. Besides the phenomenon of inter-sectorial alliances, it is also possible to observe the emergence of a new type of organization, one which combines two objectives previously thought incompatible: financial sustainability and social value generation. Social enterprises, inclusive businesses and social businesses are some of the terms currently used to refer to organizations that aim to solve social problems efficiently and sustainably using market mechanisms. The present study aims to discuss various factors that facilitate or hinder the implementation of a social business. A theorical model will be developed and it will be presented a comparative empirical case study of an organization with operations in Botswana, Brazil and Jordan. Critical Success Factors and the strategic evaluation of the ecosystem show the factors that facilitated and hindered the implementation of the inclusive business in these three countries. One of the results is the organizations commitment with its ecosystem, but some risks should be taken into account.


social enterprises empreendedorismo empresas não lucrativas inclusive businesses and social businesses organização não-governamental organização social

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