FÁBRICA DE SOFTWARE: um estudo de caso na Dataprev, sob a ótica da estrutura organizacional




The aim of this case study was to investigate how the evolutionary process of the development of software, especially the change of paradigm for the factory software, has affected the structure of the Board of Relacionamento, Desenvolvimento e Informações ¿ DRD at a public company called Dataprev and also reflecting or not a return to the model taylorist-fordist of the organization on production. For this study, there were interviews and a questionnaire applied, as well as documentary and literature review on the following topics: organizational structure, factory software, taylorism and fordism. From the data collected and analyzed, in the perspective studied, it was understood that there is not a return to the model taylorist-fordist to organize the production in the process of adopting the concept of a software factory in Dataprev. In addition to that, there was a flexibility in the organizational structure of its units of development - the softwares factories Dataprev.

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