Experimental and numerical study of I-shape slit dampers in connections


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract This paper proposes a new beam to column connection which has slit dampers to increase ductility and moment capacity of structures. After Northridge and Kobe earthquakes, many researchers have tried to achieve more ductile connections. Ductility of connections causes to dissipate more energy before failure of connections. Also, some researchers have tried to find methods that plastic hinge occurs out of the beam to column connection zone. The proposed detail connects beam to column by two I-shape slit dampers. One experimental specimen of the proposed connection was tested under cyclic loading. Based on the experimental results, the connection has high seismic performance and rotational capacity more than 0.04 radians. Also, the slit damper connection has more moment capacity than other common connections and indicates a good hysteretic behavior. Experimental observations showed that no cracks and fractures occurred in welds and high energy absorption of the slit dampers prevented damages of other parts. Also, local buckling didn’t occur on the flanges and web of the beam. The column and beam remain in elastic state. Some numerical models were made in ABAQUS software. Analysis results had good agreement with experimental results and showed high energy dissipation and ductility in the proposed connection.

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