Experiências de movimento e a formação inicial em educação física: implicações nas vivências do currículo




This research aims to analyze and understand the implications of the movement experiences learned by students of Physical Education throughout their participation in the development of the course curriculum. To meet this goal, we have sought to: learn the movement experiences of the students under this study from their childhood onwards in different environments (streets, parks, nursery schools, school, home, university, clubs, etc); establish the motives that have caused them to join a Physical Education course in its preliminary level, as well as their expectations towards it; understand how students of Physical Education follow and live through the curriculum content. Four students of Physical Education of a teaching degree from a University in Caxias do Sul, have participated in this study. Two interviews have been conducted with each of these students, after which they have been analyzed under an exegetical procedure. The results have been discussed based on authors such as Carrero da Costa et al., Zenólia Figueiredo, Hildebrandt, Kunz, and others. The main implications arisen were: the acquisition of a motor repertoire in former movement experiences positively influences the learning of new motor practices during the course; the movement experiences lived through before joining the course help the students integrate theory and practice during the course; movement experiences lived through by the students during their formal Physical Education course ( school) have helped them develop the concept of Physical Education they had when joining the course. This research has greatly improved our understanding that students, through movement experiences along their history, progressively develop concepts of human movement and Physical Education, and that these concepts are grasped in different ways during their experiences and development of the Physical Education curriculum content


educacao currículo professor educação física movement experiences ensino superior physical education teacher training formação profissional

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