Excesso de ruído no oscilador paramétrico ótico / Excess noise in optical parametric oscillator




In spite of the fact that the Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) is one of the most known experiments related with quantum information research, its experimental results did not have a good agreement with the theory, in the above threshold regime, because of an unexpected excess noise in the phase quadrature on its beams. In this work we sistematicaly present the quantum theory of OPO. Moreover, we introduce an ad-hoc model for the excess noise in the phase quadrature in the OPO that reproduces our experimental data. In our model, the excess noise in the phase quadrature is proportional of the intensity of each OPO beam. This noise presents non-perfect correlations among the fields, as is experimentaly observed. Despite of the unknown origin of this excess noise, we have some indications that it is caused by scattering centers produced by fonons of thermal origin.


optical beans optical beans quantum information informação quântica quantum physics quantum physics

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