Evapotranspiração da lima ácida Tahiti(Citrus latifolia Tan.) determinada por lisimetria de pesagem / Evapotranspiration of lime acid "Tahiti" (Citrus latifólia Tan.) determined by a weighing lysimeter




Brazil is the largest world producer of citrus crop, with São Paulo state leading as the largest national producer. Recent studies show that irrigated areas of citrus in the state have been increasing significantly in the last few years. However, lack of information on irrigation management related to this crop is one of the main problems encountered by the farmers. In order to address the above problem, the objective of this work was to determine the evapotranspiration of acid lime adult plant variety Tahiti(Citrus latifolia Tan.) and the crop coefficient during dry period (autumn - winter) using a weighing lysimeter technique. The crop coefficient (Kc = ETc/ETo) was calculated by considering the independent contribution of the evaporation of the soil and transpiration of the plant, being substituted by two coefficients: Ke, a soil water evaporation coefficient and Kcb, a basal crop coefficient. To evaluate the productive aspects as well as the fruit quality, different irrigation levels were applied in an increasing manner from 50 to 125 % of the crop evapotranspiration. The experiment was carried out at ESALQ / USP in Piracicaba - SP, in a drip irrigated area with plant spacing of 7 x 4 m. Each plant was supplied with four wetting equidistant emitters. The climatic data was obtained by the use of automated meteorological station and the crop evapotraspiration by the use of a weighing lysimeter. During the study period, Kc varied from 0.82 to 1.18, and Kcb varied from 0.86 to 1.05. The results showed that the irrigation amount calculated by the method of Kcb+Ke had a very good water consumption precision by the plant. The highest consumptions were observed in the months of high average temperature (April and September). The reposition of 100 % of the evapotranspirated water resulted in the highest fruit production of acid lime tree variety Tahitiin field conditions. Irrigation levels had no significant effect at 0.05 level on the quality of the fruits.


transpiração vegetal. crop evapotraspiration instrumento de medida basal coefficient of transpiration. weighing lysimeter limão evapotranspiração irrigação localizada crop coefficient drip irrigation coeficiente de cultura

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