Evaluation of the stability of thighs and drumsticks boneless chicken under different conditions of industrial storage


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract The sensory, physical-chemical and microbiological characteristics of boneless chicken thighs and drumsticks stored at different temperatures were evaluated. Samples stored at −6 and −12 °C, in natura and cooked, presented changes in sensory characteristics from the sixth and fifth month of storage, respectively. In natura samples kept at −18 °C presented sensory modification from the eighth month, and cooked samples did not show alterations during 12 months of storage. For lipid oxidation, differences were observed between −6 and −12 °C by the third month and between −12 and −18 °C after 12 months of storage. Related to protein oxidation, samples stored at −18 °C did not differ from the standard (0 days), showing values of 6.03 nmol carbonyl/mg protein after 12 months of storage. Samples under freezing at −6 °C for 12 months presented an increase in psychrotrophic count. This behaviour was not observed in the samples stored at −12 and −18 °C. Considering the different analyzes, the maximum storage period was 6 days at 4 °C, 8 months at –6 and –12 °C and at least 12 months storage at –18 °C.

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