Evaluation of the resistance of trussed slabs with steel formwork in cold formed U profile


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract In the last decades, the modernization in structural engineering has increased the use of steel-concrete composite and hybrid systems for slabs, when the adherence in the interface of the materials is present or not, respectively. In addition to the traditional steel deck, a similar solution for precast trussed slabs has been used for small constructions, in which a cold formed U profile acts as steel formwork before the concrete curing, resisting to self-weight of the concrete and to the construction overload. After this period, the steel profile gets incorporated to the concrete element, allowing the composite behavior of the structure, system that usually goes without additional reinforcements. This slab includes, besides concrete, a light filling material between ribs, cold formed profiles and the trussed reinforcement. Once this technology has just arrived to the construction market, there is a gap of knowledge related to its design procedure. In this context, this study aims to present a methodology to analyze the limit-states that govern the design of these slabs. A computational tool was developed to evaluate the resistance through data entry related to geometry, service loads and materials, which grants to conduct a parametric study with pre-defined geometries to obtain, as result, spans and loads. Conclusions about the maximum span without shoring and general data are also discussed.

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