Evaluation of the Properties of LaNiO3 Material Prepared by the Modified Proteic Method for Adsorption of Environmental Contaminants


Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society




LaNiO3 material was synthesized by modified proteic method, calcined at 900 °C/2 h in air atmosphere and was applied to remove environmental contaminants. LaNiO3 phase with a perovskite structure was formed in the calcined material, which has a surface area of 22 m2 g-1 and is formed by fine particles agglomerated, with pH of the zero charge point of 7.44. The removal of a model pollutant (Turquoise Blue dye) indicated that the better removal occurs in acidic pH and with adsorbent’s mass of 50 mg, showing average value around 90% of removal efficiency and 131 mg g-1 for adsorption capacity (q) value. The variable constants model was the one that best fit the kinetic. LaNiO3 material resisted the test conditions and the recovery process, and maintained its high adsorption capacity throughout the six regeneration cycles studied, which indicates that it is a promising material as an adsorbent of pollutants and does not generate waste during the process.

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