Evaluation of the properties of a foamed geopolymer developed with different types of metakaolin






Abstract The physical and mechanical properties of foamed geopolymers were determined. The geopolymers were made with two different metakaolins (from Metacaulim do Brasil - MB, and Pantano Grande/RS - MPG) as precursors, with NaOH and Na2SiO3 as activators, and with the addition of foam, which was produced with the foaming agent diethanolamide of coconut fatty acid with a minimum of 80% concentration. Also, two times (2.5 and 4 h) were used for the calcination of MPG at 750 °C. The results showed that all factors (precursors type, alkali content, silica modulus, and foam content) had a significant influence on the response variables, which presented the following variations: compressive strength of 0.36 to 3.23 MPa; thermal conductivity from 0.22 to 0.42 W/(m.K); saturated bulk density from 1176 to 1364 kg/m3; dry bulk density of 619 to 864 kg/m3; air void from 46.4% to 62.5%; and water absorption from 55.7% to 95.4%. It was also concluded that the precursor type was the factor that had the most influence on the properties of foamed geopolymers, with MPG calcined for 4 h being the best, as greater compressive strength and low thermal conductivity were obtained.

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