Evaluation of the ophthalmological service quality offered to outpatients of the Public Healthcare System. / Avaliação da qualidade do serviço oftalmológico prestado aos pacientes ambulatoriais do Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS.




Purposes: to evaluate the perception of the ophthalmic service quality provided for outpatients of public healthcare system as well as detect which actions should be considered necessary and priority in order to improve its quality. Methods: a quantitative descriptive study was carried out on 100 outpatients of public healthcare system which were submitted to ophthalmic tests at Fundação Hilton Rocha Belo Horizonte MG, from July 1st July 30th 2004. Individual interviews were carried out by giving the interviewees two structured questionnaires adapted from the modified SERVQUAL. This scale is in accordance with the reality of the institute studied. Results: the adapted SERVQUAL scale was submitted to statistical validation and it showed suitable internal consistency index. In general terms, a slightly broad dissatisfaction was detected with the ophthalmological service quality. The interviewees cared more about safety and reliability. A higher degree of dissatisfaction was detected mainly concerning fulfillment of procedures at scheduled appointments related to the execution of services in the due timeframe. Conclusions: the institute is supposed to plan as well as carry out actions which lead to a general improvement in the patients satisfaction regarding service quality and reliability mainly. Service quality monitoring through periodic employment of SERVQUAL scale will not only make it possible to plan highly precise and effective intervention strategies in these and in other healthcare services but it will also allow monitoring the responses from these actions. All these actions will contribute to the improvement to the service in the system as a whole.


3-qualidade de serviço 1-marketing de serviços 4- serviços de saúde 5-assistência ambulatorial. 2-servqual oftalmologia

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