Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Sealing Mortar with Partial Replacement of Portland Cement by Stone Crusher Waste


Mat. Res.




Civil construction is one segment responsible for major environmental and social impacts. Among its raw materials, Portland cement, which is produced by the burning and subsequent grinding of a composition of clays and limestones. This manufacturing process causes great environmental damage, both by the exploitation of deposits and by the process of clinkering (burning of raw materials), which emits a significant amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, there is a need for research on materials that reduce these impacts on the environment and that can be used by civil construction to the partial replacement of cement. Thus, this research had as objective to produce settlement mortar through the partial replacement of the Portland cement by filler powder, in different proportions and to study its mechanical properties. The results show that the partial replacement of the cement by the residue has acceptable behavior in the mortar.

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