Evaluation of extruded corn breakfast cereal enriched with whole peach palm (Bactris gasipaes, Kunth) Flour


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract The present study aimed to develop extruded corn breakfast cereal enriched with whole peach palm flour. A 22 central composite rotatable design was used, and the cereal was processed in a ZKS-30 co-rotational twin-screw extruder (Werner and Pfleiderer), followed by its physicochemical, technological and microbiological characterization. The technological analysis revealed higher expansion and lower hardness as well as adequate lightness and water-absorption and water-solubility indices of the breakfast cereal at low moisture and intermediate peach palm flour contents. Moreover, 3.84% moisture, 0.63% ash, 6.09% protein, 0.39% lipids, 85.94% carbohydrates, 3.11% fiber and 246 RE of total carotenoids were found in the physicochemical analysis, and the microbiological parameters were in accordance with the Brazilian legislation (Resolution RDC 12/01). These results show that extruded corn breakfast cereal partially substituted with peach palm flour is an alternative product with good characteristics and market potential. The most recommended operational conditions to obtain products with good technological characteristics were a peach palm flour concentration of 25% and feed moisture of 16.2%.

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