EVALUATION AND APPLICATION OF PEMFC FUEL CELL´S TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPED AT IPEN APPLIED TO A 500 We FUEL CELL STACK / Avaliação e aplicação da tecnologia de células a combustível tipo pem desenvolvida no IPEN em um módulo de 500W de potência nominal




This work is part of a research project on PEMFC technologies carried out in IPEN to develop and optimize a 500 We fuel cell stack. The MEAs scaling up from 25 cm2 to 144 cm2 produced by the method of sieve printing; computational fluid dynamics by computer simulation of gas flow channels in bipolar plates using COMSOL® program and the use of Pt/C electrodes developed by alcohol reduction method in single cells were used to build a stack of 500 We nominal power for possible commercial applications, produced with national technology and industrial support. A 100 hours fuel cell´s test was carried out in a 144 cm2 single cell to study the stability of the MEA fabricated by sieve printing method. This single cell showed good stability within this period of time. The developed stack has reached the maximum power of 574 We at 100 A (694.4 mA cm-2). The operating power of 500 We was obtained at 77.7 A (540.1 mA cm-2) and potential of 6.43 V, with efficiency of 43.3%. In terms of cogeneration, the thermal power or generated heat by the stack was 652 Wt. The initial estimated cost for the 500 We stack was about R$ 4,500.00, considering only the used materials for its construction.


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