Evaluación de la estrategia pedagógica "aprendizaje basado en proyectos": percepción de los estudiantes


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)




The purpose of this study is to show the perception of the agricultural engineering students from Universidad Nacional de Colombia on the evaluation and performance of the pedagogical strategy called "project-based learning", involved in different theoretical-practice courses. This model consists of a learning strategy through the implementation of a project during the academic semester. The project contributes to the transfer of theoretical concepts, the development of critical and reflexive thinking, and to the increase of interest in research and investigation. The survey results from the students who participate in this pedagogical experience showed that project-based learning is important for their professional development and achieves their educational expectations. Most of the students affirmed that the information learned in class was applied during the project development, the methodology was suitable, and the final assessment of the project and the experimental time were adequate.

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