Evaluación de la alfabetización digital y pedagógica en TIC, a partir de las opiniones de estudiantes en Formación Inicial Docente


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract This paper presents the results about access, knowledge and uses of ICT tools declared by teacher students from a higher education institution in Chile. The objective is to examine the kind of literacy that they have and the one that should be provided by the training process for their future practice as teachers. This study aims to diagnose the needs of ICT training of future teachers of the Chilean school system. From the methodological point of view, this is a descriptive quantitative study, conducted with 127 students in the 2014 cohort, of four teaching programs, to which a validated questionnaire was applied (Cronbach Alpha 0.89). Descriptive methods were used for the analysis of information. In conclusion, students of the teaching programs have high access to ICT resources and, therefore, it is assumed that they are native individuals with sufficient digital literacy that allows them to have access and benefit from such resources without difficulties. However, they do not know or use specific programs for the field of education, and they do not know how their current mastery can be translated into their future professional performance either, especially in the classroom.

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