Ética da libertação: a vítima na perspectiva dusseliana




ussels philosophy starts from the ethic of liberation. The material content of this ethic is the victim. Enrique Dussel sustains the ethic of liberation, in the age of globalization and exclusion, taking the victim as criteria to judge ethically the global capitalist system. The objective of this dissertation is to approach us to the dusselians ethic of liberation and we specify who is the victim. The justifications that bring us to this research are concentrated in the new scenario revealed by the globalization. The main theoretical frameworks of the dusselian thought are given in the categories: distinctness, other, poor and victim. Due to the complex phenomenon of the poverty, our hypothesis is that Dussel appropriates of these categories to explain philosophically the questions of the victims within a certain time and space. The dissertation comprises three parts, methodologically oriented by the ethic of Liberation in the age of globalization and exclusion. We conclude that when Dussel realizes of the globalization process, tries to explain the victims phenomenon, establishing the grounds of a planetary ethic


philosophy, ethics, liberation, victim libertacao filosofia etica dussel, enrique d, 1934 -- crítica e interpretação vítima

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