Estudos das características técnicas e operacionais das galerias de águas pluviais como subsídios para gestão patrimonial e estabelecimento de diretrizes para projetos de sistemas de drenagem urbana


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The purpose of this work is to study the emergence and evolution of pathological manifestations in urban stormwater channels and relate them to technical and operational characteristics of concrete structures so that plans for urban drainage systems management are developed, as well as new concepts for stormwater channel projects. The main reference is the Directive Plan for Urban Drainage of Belo Horizonte, with which 120 km of stormwater channels were inspected in 2001. The pathological manifestations are a consequence of physical factors such as erosion by abrasion and cavitation, or chemical factors such as sulfate attacks and biogenic corrosion. Sedimentations and structural defects are other pathological manifestations observed. The research database was built with information extracted from 458 sections of stormwater channels distributed among 16 channels, with an approximate length of 30 km, in which a statistical survey was conducted. In that study, the data related to the structures characteristics were cross-checked with the pathological manifestations and the level of impact on the users. The main results showed that the relation between steps and ramps and abrasion, cavitation and chemical attack is statistically relevant, as is the association between slopes and abrasion and cavitation processes. The analyses, in general, confirmed and consolidated the preliminary conclusions from the field inspections. As a consequence of the research, guidelines were proposed to implement plans of patrimonial management such as the construction and maintenance of a database by means of cadastral surveys and the classification of interventions with decision-aiding methods as a priority, as well as the implementation of routine inspections. In this work, project guidelines are also suggested, such as the elimination of degrading factors in structures like gutters, steps and ramps. Furthermore, several recommendations were made to increase structure durability, obtaining more resistant concretes with lower water/cement ratio and thicker armature coating.


engenharia sanitária teses. recursos hídricos desenvolvimento teses. hidraulica teses. Águas pluviais teses.

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