Estudo sobre sistemas de segurança em instalações elétricas automatizadas. / A study about security systems in automatized eletric installations.




This work presents a study of the main security systems used in automatized electric installations, with approach in the physical access control, using biometric technologies. The main characteristics of the security systems applied to the detection and fire combat, to the physical access control, to the internal and external security control, as closed-circuits television and perimetral security control, and the biometric technologies are presented in this work that can be used for the people access control. The development of a low cost prototype is presented, using biometric technology for the physical access control, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages, algorithms and cost-benefit relations for the use of biometry in security systems. The study shows that the use of the biometry as tool for the existing security systems improvement is a world-wide trend, however, an increasing concern exists of the people biometric information confidentiality.


building automation instalações prediais de segurança electric automation biometry building security installations security systems biometria automação predial

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