Estudo sobre processamento maciçamente paralelo na internet




This thesis explores the possibility of using the aggregated processing power of computers connected by the Internet to solve large problems. The issue is studied both from the theoretical and practical point of views. From the theoretical perspective this work studies the characteristics that parallel applications should have to be able to exploit an environment with a large, weakly connected set of computers. From the practical perspective the thesis indicates the fundamental problems to be solved in order to construct a large parallel virtual computer, and proposes solutions to some of the most important of them, such as load balancing and fault tolerance. The results obtained so far indicate that it is possible to construct a robust, scalable and fault tolerant parallel virtual computer and use it to execute applications with high computing/communication ratio


distributed systems grids cliente/servidor (computação) internet (redes de computação) processamento paralelo (computadores) parallel processing processamento eletronico de dados - processamento distribuido internet

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