Estudo exploratório sobre ética nas empresas


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




A research about ethic in the companies. Since the beginning of the civilization so much has been said about ethic but, mainly nowadays. Governments talk about ethic, politicians, religions, in short, everyone talks about ethic. The world of today, which surprises us for the high technology and, at the same time, causes preoccupation with misery, the disrespect with nature, the disrespect with the human being and so many other misfortunes. Everything happens so close in this country, in this city, on the street that we live on. In view of this, the ethic becomes imperious. And, there isn t how to separate the idea of the being that lives in society from the idea of business society, the companies. This work tries to summarize the historical development of ethic since its origin from the ancient Greece, passing highlighting the ambient in Brazil, since Portuguese influence until nowadays. In the chapter where historical issues are present, there is a subsection where to treat the development and the appearance of the ethic in the companies from the late 40s, mainly in the United States of America. Since it is a research, the studies done in this work, both of them quantity and quality, they are very important in order to characterize the situation of the ethic codes in the companies, and as well the preoccupation with the theme, which companies adopt and the main components of the ethic code. The quantity research demonstrated the preoccupation and importance that the companies are giving to the theme. The quality research, done in the USA, must contribute, it is our expectation, to the improvement and development of the ethic codes in the Brazilian companies.


ciencias contabeis Ética empresarial Ética ethics business ethics

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