Estudo, em ambiente hospitalar, da utilização de medicamentos que atuam no sistema nervoso central




The purpose of this research was to evaluate the utilization of medicines in hospitais specially those ones that act in the Central Nervous System (C.N.S.), analyzing the prescription frequency of different pharmacological groups and through each therapeutics group that act in the C.N.S. and also the involved cost in each therapeutics group, drug and clinic. The chosen research site was a general hospital in São Paulo city (SP, Brazil), which contained about 400 beds with complete and specialized medical body, where 1130 medical prescriptions from 09 clinics were analyzed for 07 months. This research concluded that the most prescribed pharmacological group was the one of which medicine acts in the nutritional and digestive system and the group of medicines that act in the C.N.S. was not among the tive most prescribed ones. Among the therapeutics groups of medicines that act in the C.N.S., anxiolitic was the most prescriqed and diazepam the most prescribed drug from this group. Whereas the hypnotic group indicated a low utilization by the hospital when compared to datas found in the literature. The intensive care unit represented the highest cost of ali clinics as well as the largest polypharmacy index indicating that the cost is directly proportional to this index. We concluded the hospital prescriptions patterns of medicines that act in the C.N.S., must be subject of drug surveillance program, specially for the therapeutics group of anxiolitic, despite the fact that it is not so necessary for cost reduction programs


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