Estudo dos efeitos analgesicos do paracetamol em diferentes modelos experimentais




This work had the purpose of verifying several aspects related the possible analgesia by central action of Paracetamol in rodents. In order to achieve that purpose four distint sludy models were employed: 1 - Writhing test induced by i. p.. injection of acetic acid. 2 - Writhing test induced by i.p.injection of synthetic prostaciclin. 3 - Thermal stimulation test. Tail-Flick. 4 - Thermal stimulation test.- Hot-Plate. The results have showed that the paracetamol, has inhibit the abdominal constriction response induced by acetic acid and synthetic proslaciclin of dose-dependent manner, being the biggest testing dose of 315 mg/kg, the percentage of inhibition was 89.4% and 82.1% respectively. In the same way this , drug increased the latency time in the Tail-Flick and Hot-Plate tests, of dose-dependent manne, being the biggest testing dose of 315 mg/kg, the percentage of maximal possible effect was 84% and 5O%, respectively, and achieved in the time of 90 minutes after it administration. From t.hese results. we can conclud that the paracetamol in the used doses in rodents, was able te produce analgesia by a central action


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