Estudo dos Carboidratos Presentes nos CladÃdios de Opuntia ficus indica (palma forrageira) de Acordo com a Idade e Sazonalidade




Types and content of carbohydrates of Opuntia ficus indica (fodder clones palm) was evaluated by chemical and physicochemical methods, in accordance with the age and season. The material was collected in the Experimental Station of the Agriculture Research Institute, in Caruaru-PE. This material comprised four palm clones from IPA Germoplasm Bank. The four variety of palm studied were: Giant, Copena F1, Clone 20 and Round palm. The chemical analysis comprised spectrophotometric methods to detect neutral and reducing sugars and uronic acids.Physicochemical methods used were: thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high performance liquid chromatograpy (HPLC). The values obtained by spectrophometric were statisticÃlly analysed through the Origin 7.5 (Tukey test â uni-caudal) software. The pectic carbohydrates extracted were also analysed. The results demonstrated that the four varieties of palm estudied presented a good sugars content in both dry and rainy seasons. However, the colected material in the dry season showed a higher content of carbohydrates, such as: glucose, fructose, galactose, xylose and arabinose. The tertiary cladode, i.e. the oldest one presented almost the double of neutral sugar in comparison to the quaternary cladode. Uronic acids were also detected confirming the possible presence of pectic polysaccharides which were sequentialy extracted with water at 60ÂC, resulting in water soluble pectin (WSP) and pectin soluble in EDTA at 60ÂC obtaining a chelant soluble pectin (CSP). Uronic acid was detected in both fractions WSP and CSP, however presenting a higher content in the PSQ fraction. Due to the content of sugars found in tertiary cladodes collected in both dry and rainy seasons, it can be suggest that the cladodes possibly possess a highest energetic value and also a relevant quantity of pectin


carboidratos - estudo bioquimica opuntia ficus indica (palma forrageira)

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