Estudo do controle do crescimento de nanoestruturas semicondutoras do tipo CdTe e CdTeS em matrizes vitreas borosilicatos




In this thesis we study the growth kinectics of semiconductor nanoestructures in borosilicate glass matrix. We study the fabrication methods which allow us to obtain very low size dispersion and deep trap defects free nanostructures. We use small angle x-rays scattering (SAXS) techniques with synchrotron light to study the samples growth in situ, absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy and thermal techniques such as dilatometry and Differential Thermal Analysis to characterized the samples and fabrication processes. Abstract: We observed that a double annealing fabrication technique produces samples with a much narrower size dispersion and avoid the creation of deep trap defects. We have been able to produce samples with less than 6% size dispersion and deep trap defects free in borosilicat glass, which is, to our knowledge, one of the best samples of its class in the world. We expect that the nonlinear optical properties to be largely enhanced with this double treatment method making the CdTe quantum dots more attractive from the devices point of view.


otica não-linear materiais oticos semicondutores

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