Estudo de processo de fabricação de diodo Schottky de potencia




This work is a study of fabrication process for power Schottky diode. Aluminum and Tungsten were used as metal Schottky contact. The types of fabricated Schottky diodes were: Convencional Schottky diode, with metal overlap, with p-n guard ring and with pn junction grid. Parameters from IxV and transient curves were extracted to verify the static and dinamic characteristics of the devices. Schottky diodes, with Tungsten as Schottky barrier metal, presented ideality factor about 1.03, leakage current of 48µA (with V=-20V), breakdown voltage about –20 volts, foward drop voltage of 0.49V (with IF=100mA) and barrier height of 0.67eV. A comparison with a comercial Schottky diode is made to evaluate the quality of the fabricated device.


diodos de barreira de microeletronica tungstenio schottky processos de fabricação semicondutores de potencia aluminio

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