Estudo de características mecânicas do concreto compactado com rolo com agregados reciclados de construção e de demolição para pavimentação. / Study of mechanical characteristics for roller compacted concrete using waste aggregates from civil construction for paving.




This thesis work seeks the study of rolled compacted concrete (RCC) mixtures employing recycled waste aggregate from civil construction and demolitions as alternative for asphalt or concrete pavement bases, comparing some mechanical and physical characteristics to traditional virgin stone aggregate RCC. It is usual the use of recycled waste aggregate in Europe due to environmental regulations. In Brazil, since 2002 the Environmental Federal Council fixed the rules and procedures for management of civil construction waste material (CONAMA resolution n. 307). For the research the recycled waste aggregate was in full conformity to the Brazilian standard NBR 15116. The recycled waste material was collected from a recycling plant and its physical properties then defined in order to verify its implications on RCC mechanical responses. The comparative RCC was manufactured from granite crushed stone. Portland Cement type CPIII 40 RS was employed for all mixtures. Suitability and mechanical potential for RCC mixtures were evaluated through conventional physical and mechanical tests. The main motivation for the study was to find out an alternative for using recycled waste material from civil construction and demolition as well the seek for low cost concrete alternatives using the widespread RCC technology for paving.


pavements construction and demolition waste material sustainable civil construction roller compacted concrete concreto compactado com rolo agregados reciclados de entulho de construção e demolição pavimentos

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