Estudo das propriedades eletro- e fotoeletroquimicas do composito TiO2/PPi




Great advances were reached in the last three decades in the development of materials which bring together properties that are of interest in technological applications. The conducting polymers, since their discovery in 1977, were extensively studied in order to be used, e.g., in battery and electrochromic devices. Nowadays, the reseach about this matter is concentrated on artificial muscles, light emission diodes, antiestatical floors and electromagnetic radiation shielding. Most part of the work is devoted to improving the synthesis conditions, in order to get better electrochemical and mechanical properties. In this work, the electrochemical and photoelectrochemical properties of composites of TiO2/PPy were investigated. The polypirrole was doped with a surfactant or tetrafluorborate. The behavior of the composites synthetized in the presence or absence of irradiation with polychromatic light, supplied us with informations about the photoactivity of the composite films, as well as the possible sensitization effect of polypirrol.


polimeros condutores eletroquimica

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