Estudo da obtenção e caracterização de compositos reforçados com fibras de carbono para aplicação como material isolante termico de sistemas aeroespaciais




Thermal and mechanical performance of carbon fiber reinforced composites (CRFC) have been contributed to the use of these materials in aerospace systems. However, due to the susceptibility to the oxidation in temperatures higher than 773 K, the materials processes and evaluations as antioxidant addictives added in the composites have been, object of studies along the years. The Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) of the Aerospace Technical Center (CTA) has been developed studies seeking the use of carbon-carbon composites as insulating materials with the aim of being used again as parts of the propeller system used in satellites launching in orbit. As part of these studies, the present work seeks to obtain and to characterize carbon-carbon composites with low apparent specific mass and resistance to oxidation in temperatures up to 1273 K. To reach the main objective of this work process techniques and available materials were used in such a way that the CRFC composite obtained shows an internal structure with uniform porosity and insulating characteristic and oxidation resistence. This work describes the obtaining process, in laboratorial scale, of carbon-carbon composites using boron, silicon and a mixture of both materials as antioxidant addictives developed in the Aerospace Technical Center. The composites obtained are characterized as to impact resistance, and to oxidation and thermal isolation resistance of the composites, to which specific standards such as thermal testing and ablation testing were adapted. In addition, corre1ations between impact resistence and oxidation resistence with the apparent specific mass of the composite are determined with the purpose to be used as project tool


compositos polimericos materiais isolantes oxidação carbono

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