Estudo da influencia de parametros de processamento na resistencia ao desgaste do polietileno de ultra alto peso molecular




The Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is the most used human artificial joint polymer. In spite of its very good wear resistance properties the lifetime of the prosthetic system is limited by its wear. In order to study how the variation of the processing conditions influences the wear resistance of the plastic, a polymer molding and a wear test devices have been projected and constructed. As a first step, wear tests have been conducted with the variation of the tribological conditions using pins machined from Brazilian commercial sheets. They have been frictioned against 316L stainless steel in water environment. The results of this first step have shown that contact pressure and sliding velocity have very important roles in the polymer wear. As a second step UHMWPE pins have been molded under different pressure conditions and with variation of the mean particle size. These pins have been mctioned under a single tribological condition. The results of these wear tests have shown that the way the pressure is used in the polymer processing may influence its wear resistance


polietileno desgaste mecanico plasticos - moldagem

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