Estudo da capacidade de carga física e social como uma ferramenta de gestão ambiental da praia brava do município de Itajaí no litoral centro-norte de Santa Catarina




This work evaluates the tourism load capacity of Praia Brava, a beach in the Municipal District of Itajaí, in order to enable the perception of the capacity or tolerance of this area to host a number of visitors without altering its natural state, consequently improving the quality of the recreational and socioeconomic experience from the perspective of participants in this experience. For the production of this material, which seeks to understand the current situation of the beach in question, in terms of its area and daily movement, a series of interviews was carried out with users of Praia Brava, in order to obtain the different views concerning the current and future reality of the beach. Therefore, direct public participation was used in the work carried out, as well as a bibliographic review and examination of aerial digital photographs. The contribution of this work lies in the fact that it produces methodological and technical material to assist in decision-making for local environmental management, with the objective of seeking to organize the space in the coastal municipalities, and then invest in environmental quality and quality of life for the populations that live or visit these locations


praia beach, municipality of itajaí - sc capacidade de carga perception load capacity percepção oceanografia município de itajaí - sc turismo tourism

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