Estudo comparativo entre materiais metálicos e compósitos poliméricos para aplicações mecânicas na indústria automobilistica




Aluminum and plastic composites used in the automotive industry is a reality and increases in new projects. Materials and components are responsible for the most part of vehicle costs and the materials mix is changing continually due to light-weight solutions to reduce vehicle costs and weight. Aluminum and plastics composites are responsible for these solutions. The literature information about materials micro-structures and properties are shown apart. This report presents a complete review on aluminum and aluminum alloy, zinc and zinc alloy, polyamide, fibers and plastic composites, focuses on micro-structure and properties comparison between aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and glass fiber reinforced polyamide.


engenharia de materiais e metalurgica glass fiber fibra de vidro aluminum plastic composite zinco alumínio compósitos plásticos zinc

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