Estudo analÃtico das polÃticas pÃblicas de financiamento da educaÃÃo: a polÃtica do FUNDEF num municÃpio nordestino




This Thesis Work developed under the Doctorate Program in Education of the Federal University of Pernambuco â UFPE sought to learn how the Municipal Educational System of the town of Francisco Santos, in the state of PiauÃ, works. We specifically analyzed financing policies through the FUNDEF Program, as a public policy with the greatest financial impact on education policies. For such a research, we started from the premise that, though the social reality in question is rooted in the nuances of Brazilian cultural politics, our objective was to find which accommodations the local education policies made towards providing the channels and mechanisms of participation and democratization, taking into account the influence of political culture, as well as local power. In general, the arguments which justify the importance of FUNDEF are unanimous in assuring that it has brought improvements to Municipal Education, and that among its impacts on the local reality, the increase in teachersâ pay stands out, and so does the legal demand for the creation of the Pay scale and Career Plan, which regulates the profession of teaching and its labor benefits. Finally, the process of municipalization triggered in Francisco Santos is being motivated by the increase in financial resources, but it hasnât necessarily backed up in quality the increase in the number of students enrolled in basic education. From the results of this study, we inferred that despite the more modernized [and decentralized] policies being implemented in the social reality (in this case, in the town examined), they are confronted with institutionalized policies which are masked by the specificities inherent to the structure of the local power


fundef educacao public policy education financing polÃticas pÃblicas fundef financiamento da educaÃÃo

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