Estrategias de organización del sindicato Camioneros en Argentina (1991-2011)


Rev. Sociol. Polit.




Abstract In the last twenty years, the greater visibility and relevance that the trade union of Truck Drivers has acquired in the development of the industrial relations system in Argentina is due not only to socioeconomic context that since 2003 has boosted the level of union activity but also to the trajectory of this trade union and to its capacity of institutional consolidation. Analyze this outstanding role is then the purpose of this article, which will seek to understand how this trade union built and strengthened its capacity of organization. By this last concept we refer to its ability to configure an internal structure capable of dealing with changes in the political-economic context in which the organization operates. The selected methodological approach is the case study, from which we proceeded to the diachronic comparison of two socio-historical processes of the trade union, 1990-2002 and 2003-2011. To do this, interviews were conducted to a multi-vocal sample which allowed the interpretation of these processes. Our analysis shows that from 2003 were not only the opportunities offered by the context what strengthened the organizational capacity of the truck drivers union, but was also critical the ability of its leaders to interpret what was happening. In this sense, their actions sought to exploit the features and scenarios found in each period (and context) analyzed. The contribution of this article is originated in the disciplinary field of industrial relations studies by using the strategic analysis theories, which take the concept of strategic choices as main component. According to this approach, the study of truck drivers union’s organizational capacity allowed us not only to rebuild the dynamic of Argentinean industrial relations between 1991-2011, but also it collaborated with a deeper analysis of sectorial heterogeneity that union renewal showed in Argentina during that period of time.

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