Estratégia em micros e pequenas empresas: um estudo das empresas finalistas do prêmio realce empresarial.




This dissertation aims to evaluate the adoption of competitive strategies by the small enterprises classified in Realce Empresarial Award, version 2007. The methodology used to evaluate the adoption of the strategies involving (1978) to attend the specificities of the researched companies. The method links strategy, structure and environment and classifies the companies based on its behavior before its environment, and its strategy option: prospective, defensive, analytic or reactive. From this method, a study was developed based on techniques of research both. The study shows that all the four types of strategy are found, with the same number of companies adopting the prospector, analytic and reactive types. The defensive type was less found in the universe of researched companies. Its supposed that the adoption of the prospector strategy provides the companies more competitiveness and longevity, constant concern within a scenery where there is a high precocious mortality of enterprises, especially the small ones.


competitividade small enterprises empreendedorismo micro e pequena empresa estratégia administracao de empresas strategy competitiveness entrepreneurship

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