Estimativas da perda de bem-estar causada pelo crime para a cidade de JoÃo Pessoa-PB




This study aims to analyze the relationship among criminality, violence, and individual and social welfare. The welfare loss related to insecurity was estimated taking into consideration the individual willingness to pay in relation to a bundle of security services. The willingness to pay was estimated using the valuation contingent method using the logit model. Literature points some examples of contingent valuation method to capture the individual willingness to pay to reduce level of criminality. This approach is innovative for dissociating willingness to pay with specific crime reduction. It is adopted the hypotheses that people do not realize the risks taking into consideration real hazard represented but considering the outrageous related. According to the results, the welfare loss related to the feeling of insecurity varies between R$6.524.727,01 and R$112.703.250,37 for the city of JoÃo Pessoa . The results of regressions still suggest that public security is a normal e common good


economics of crime welfare valuation contingent method economia bem-estar economia do crime insecurity sentimento de inseguranÃa mÃtodo de avaliaÃÃo contingente

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