Estimate of genetic parameters in Brachiaria decumbens hybrids


Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology


Abstract The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for agronomic traits and nutritional value in intraspecific hybrids of B. decumbens. For this, a population of 1,415 hybrids was evaluated in field plots at Embrapa Beef Cattle in Campo Grande/MS/Brazil, with seven clippings in order to estimate field green weight (FGW); total dry matter (TDM); speed of regrowth (SR); tiller regrowth density (TRD); regrowth ability (REG); crude protein (CP); in vitro organic matter digestibility (IVD); neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and lignin (LIG). The statistical analyses were carried out using the mixed models methods. Genetic variability for all traits assessed was detected, and estimates of individual heritability were of medium to high magnitude, indicating the possibility of gains with selection. Significant genetic correlations were observed between FGW and TDM (0.99), TDM and SR (0.81), TDM and IVD (-0.71), TDM and LIG (0.71), and CP and IVD (0.70).

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