Estimação de estado em sistemas elétricos de potência: composição de erros de medidas / State estimation in power systems: measurement error composition


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Bretas et al. (2009) has proved, using geometric background, that the measurement error can be decomposed into two components the detectable and the undetectable component respectively. Bretas has also demonstrated that the current methodologies used for processing of gross errors (GE), consider only the detectable component of the error. Thus, depending on the magnitude of the undetectable error components, such methods may fail. Given the above explanation, in this work a new methodology for processing the measurements with GE is proposed. This proposition is obtained by decomposing each measurement error into two components: the first, orthogonal to the Jacobian range space, whose magnitude is equal to the measurement residual and the other contained in that space, which does not contribute to the measurement residual. The ratio between the norms of those components was proposed as the measurement Innovation Index (II) which provides the new information a measurement contains regarding the other measurements. Using the II, a threshold value (TV) for each measurement is computed so that one can declare a measurement suspicious of having a GE. Then a filtering index (FI) is proposed to filter up, from the suspicious measurements, the one that has more chances of containing a GE. The IEEE-14 bus system, IEEE-30 bus system, and reduced 45-bus power system of south of Brazil, will be used to demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed methodology. Tests conducted with the above systems were: i) The level test for GE detection, which consists in finding the minimum GE value in order it can be detected using the measurement TV; ii) The test where GE of 10 standard deviations is added to each measurement, once at a time, and using the measurement FI to identify which measurement has the error ant the using the composed measurement error (CNE) to correct measurement value; iii) The GE simple test.


análise de erro grosseiro estimação de estado gross errors analysis orthogonal projections power systems projeção ortogonal recovering errors and innovation index recuperação de erros e índice de inovação sistemas elétricos de potência state estimation

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