Estado burguês, políticas orçamentárias participativas e participação popular: reprodução e mudança na ordem social




This thesis discusses the bourgeois State and participatory budget policies. It focuses on the popular participation and the perspectives of changes in social order. It analyzes the experience of popular participation in Camaragibe Pernambuco, during mayor Paulo Santanas administration, from 1997 to 2004, when the participatory budget policy was assimilated under the name of Administrative Participatory Program. This political experience raises some political and practical questions related to the capitalist State and the popular participation on capitalist society. In this context, the social struggles find a great challenge to promote the survival of the part of the population that produces wealth, but doesnt enjoy it completely. A power relatively autonomous regarding the society and that guarantees bourgeois rule is contradictory to the popular exercise of power, which tries to break all the ways of domination and exploitation. The call to peoples voice in view to legitimate this ways is structurally unable to realize all the potentiality of popular participation


participacao politica participação camaragibe, pe -- politica e governo -- 1997-2004 local power poder local citizenship orçamento participativo orcamento municipal -- camaragibe, pe politica urbana state estado, cidadania participation participatory budget autogestão autogovernment

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