Espaços arquitetônicos de alta tecnologia: os edifícios inteligentes. / High technology architectonical spaces: the intelligent buildings.




The present assignement is intended to produce a state of art of inteligent buildings, studying the most recent and significant cases and also emphatising the technologie utilized, systems with new materials, equipments, hardwares and softwares; or even the services allowed by such systems, yet, the tools of systems technologic management. Such elements can only be feasibles by the utilisation of new telemathic s technologies. For a good understanding of this subject, we did a chronologic survey based on nattional and international existing cases till nowadays and a brief concept definition intended to make a clear communication with the readers. On this study of cases, four buildings located at São Paulo were researched. Aspects such as architetonics, urbanistics and work stations projects(with emphasis on production directed to offices buildings), systems and service s characteristics from building automation, technologic management and entrepeneurial aspects were deeply studied. Inteligent buildings are observed as highly technological service supports with establish contact between the "virtual world" from automatized controls and citizens, and as inductores of daily life modifications, producing reflexes on the city s physical spaces.


alta tecnologia high technologie edifícios inteligentes inteligent buildings telemathic automação predial building automation telemática

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