Espaço interativo (Ei!) : o portal de relacionamento como suporte e estímulo à relação universidade - empresa




With the high competitiveness of the markets, in which the organizations are inserted, the search of a differential becomes crucial for these that prominence propitiates front its competitors, this differential can be reached by means of the technologies of information and innovation. The information technology became possible the people to change to ideas and insights through the world with bigger easiness, however the main point of the sharing is to foment a common interest between the people, to create a true net of interaction and to give importance to each opinion and to each shared thought. The present work has as intention, to conceive a vestibule of relationship being used itself of tools that makes possible this exchange of ideas, but mainly knowledge, assisting in its diffusion and taking care of the demand of the companies for innovation through the technology transfer propitiated for the University-Company interaction carried through of form accomplish. In the work the referring concepts to the University-Company relation are detached with special emphasis to the implementation of a vestibule that stimulates this bilateral relation. The work intends, still, to identify the influence of the vestibules of this nature in the scope of the University-Company relation.


web portals capital social production engineering engenharia de producao knowledge management portais da web engenharia de produção universidade e industria gestão do conhecimento

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