EspaÃos livres pÃblicos inseridos na paisagem urbana: MemÃrias, rugosidades e metamorfoses. Estudo dos parques urbanos 13 de Maio, Recife-Brasil e do Tiergarten, Berlim-Alemanha




This research has as objective to carry through an analysis of the inserted public free spaces in the urban landscape, special of the urban parks, in order to understand the space configuration of these, observing the relation between form-content, function, structure and process, identifying the memories, ârugosidadesâ and metamorphoses, taking as objects for case study parks 13 de Maio in Recife, Brazil, and the Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany. In its majority, the urban parks had been projected and executed with the purpose to provide leisure to the population and to beauty the urban environment, however, it must be reflected about of these functions, mainly in that if it currently relates to the relation form-content of these public spaces. When analyzing this two urban parks which is in well distinct location and situation, perceives differentiations in some aspects, thus appearing some questionings about of this subject: How the urban parks are configured in the space? How they are formed and structuralized? Which the function that they play? How they are presented in global and local scope? Of this form, it is perceived that the territorial arrangements of the situated urban parks in the metropolises reflect and condition distinct and/or common forms of partner-space management in the plan of the daily relations of the place (CARLOS, 1999), whose affinities defy differentiations between the administrative systems politician, partner-economic and cultural


dinÃmica sÃcio-espacial socio-spatial dynamic paisagem geografia urban parks parques urbanos landscape

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