Escuela y acto didáctico en el pensamiento pedagógico de Gabriela Mistral: 1904-1925


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract Since the 1990´s, Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral`s literary and pedagogical production have been revised and reinterpreted due to their cultural relevance and to the need to properly locate her within the history of education. This paper attempts to give an account of the pedagogical thought of her as an autodidact teacher and Literature Nobel Prize winner, which she developed in diverse textual genres throughout 20 years of her life, though critics consider mainly those in prose. This work traces her ideas in view of both her prose and poetry written between 1904 and 1925. It is the period she worked in education as a teacher and Principal in several schools in Chile and served for two years as a pedagogue in Vasconcelos`s Mexican educative reform, until her return to Chile in 1925 when her diplomatic career starts just a year later. The analysis of Mistral`s texts addresses didactic situations from the perspective of contemporary discussions on Didactics re-signification. They are seen as ideologemic expressions of the configuration of the didact events. Major findings are about the proposal of a student-centered pedagogy which appears – during the studied period – in four configurations of the didactic event related to the locus of text enunciation and concepts of school. In every one of these configurations, Mistral reflects on and takes an in-depth look at the subjective, social, spiritual and politic aspects of the didactic phenomena.

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