Ergonomic analisys of strength training equipment: usabilitys evaluation of dispositives to adjust some products of brazilian marks / Análise ergonômica do design de equipamentos para musculação: avaliação da usabilidade dos dispositivos de ajustes de alguns produtos de marcas brasileiras




The use of equipment for strength training has greatly increased with the popularization of gymnastic academies and strength training practice. Such equipments were originally used for athletic training, but with the advances of the studies in medicine and the increase in the populations sedentariness, this type of apparel came to be used by the general public, for health maintenance and rehabilitation. There are several types of strength training equipments. There are different kinds of strength training equipments, according to their mechanical resourses for improving resistance (weight metal bars with cables and pulleys, electric motors, hydraulic pistons and others) or according to the different possibilities for adjunsting (antropometric, posture and weight). This research intents to analyse the usability of some of the strength training equipment sold in Brazil, with an ergonomic focus, to verify its facility and efficacy.


product design strength training equipment aparelhos de musculação ergodesign usabilidade ergonomia equipamentos para trabalho de força ergodesign design de produto ergonomics usability

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