Era uma vez... contos, romances, poemas: um tesouro linguístico / Once upon a time ... short stories, novels, poems: a linguistic treasure


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This dissertation aims to promote the exploration of the literary text as a means of acquiring / developing linguistic competence and to give a perspective of language and literature learning as an inseparable process, which takes place in the interaction of individuals with different texts. We work within the borders of grammar, linguistics and literature whose object of study is the word, bearing in mind the purpose of teaching the Portuguese language. The purpose is also to promote a reflection that can improve the daily practices of language teaching and provide teachers of Portuguese Language and Literature with theoretical and practical material with a view to expanding options for preparing and conducting lessons in reading and writing. The students, in turn, are invited to interact creatively with the material presented, developing their research skills in different sources and their ability to relate knowledge from different fields of knowledge, responding positively to challenging proposals of interpretation of the reality surrounding them and the history of their society, from a significant approach. We make a set of reflections about language, reading and literature emphasizing that language teaching must be based on the text, on its interpretation, structure and meaning, developing the perception of the elements of language, to familiarize the students with seeing words in their plurality of sounds, images and meanings. At the center of this work, we present elements that originate in the exercise of practical guidance for language and literature teaching, seeking strategies to minimize the deficiencies in reading competence and interpretation attested by the evaluations that Brazilian schools have gone through. In closing, we try to make clear that the goal of this dissertation is to contribute to ensuring that the teaching of language and literature in fact promote the development of language in its functions of understanding, expression and communication and in its aesthetic values, which form and inform


literatura leitura ensino significativo aprendizagem lingua portuguesa língua portuguesa estudo e ensino compreensão na leitura literatura estudo e ensino leitura estudo e ensino language literature reading meaningful teaching learning língua

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