Equações diofantinas lineares : uma proposta para o Ensino Médio


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This work, whose methodology is inspired by didactical engineering, discusses and investigates the viability of introducing linear diophantine equations at High School level study and teaching. We developed and applied a didactical sequence to a first semester chemistry oriented high school at the Pelotas campus of the Sul-Rio-Grandense Federal Institute. We collected the data of this whole experience, starting with all the activities performed by the students and continuing with notes taken by the author as well as the whole class footage. We started the seminars with a card game that we called ¿diophantine escova¿, derived from the usual ¿escova¿ card game. We followed it by structured activities with exercises and several debates that led the students, in a natural way, to understand the definitions, concepts and results about Diophantine Equations. The didactical sequence we have created had very clear and specific goals in each activity. When the seminars ended, we analyzed and reformulated the sequence and therefore, in Appendix C, we present a totally improved and ready to use sequence for any teacher interested in developing linear diophantine equations in high school. The data analysis indicated that fist year high school students have the necessary mathematical skills to understand all concepts and results of basic linear diofantine equations.


mathematics teaching ensino-aprendizagem ensino de matematica linear diophantine equations engenharia didática high school curriculum ensino médio didactic engineering

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