Environmental Management, Strategic Practices and Praxis: A Study in Santa Catarina Industrial Companies


BAR, Braz. Adm. Rev.




This article analyzed the correlation between strategic praxis related to environmental management in Santa Catarina industrial companies and their strategic practices. This quantitative study is based on the theoretical foundations of environmental management and strategy as practice. Praxis (environmental management) is understood as a cluster of three perspectives: product design, main processes and support system. The data were collected by way of an online questionnaire, with 225 completed and submitted to canonical correlation multivariate analysis using SPSS software, confirming the hypothesis that there is a correlation between companies' praxis (environmental management) and strategic practices. However, the correlation best represents the original variables at the support system level, seeking to value the correlation. Likewise, not all original variables make up the new canonical variable, which suggests that there are new implications.

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