Entrelaçando corpos e letras: representações de gênero nos pagodes baianos. / Intertwining bodies and letters: gender representations in pagodas Bahia.




Women, their bodies and sexuality, as well as gender relationships are the most explored themes by songwriters of pagode, a kind of music which has been produced in the last two decades in Bahia. The aim of this study was to analyze the womans social representations forged by the male discourse in the lyrics of pagode songs produced by the nine most prominent pagode bands in Bahia. The analysis revealed an existing mainstream discourse on heteronormativity attempting to control the body and the sexuality of the women portrayed. In doing so, it also analyzes the presence of such gender representations as a larger and ongoing process in mass culture in the contemporary context of cultural hybridism in Bahia. In such cultural context, the body, the singing, the words, the dance and the rhythm in afrobahian culture are revealing of historical, ideological, religious and political meaning produced by the circularity of both afrobahian culture and the mainstream bourgeois one. For that analysis, a theoretical and methodological approach based on the Critical Discourse Analysis was used as well as the contemporary feminist theories.


discourse discurso representação gender representation pagodes bands from bahia sexualidade body, sexuality gênero ciencias sociais aplicadas corpo pagodes baianos

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