Ensino de língua portuguesa: por uma educação lingüística




This work presents a Portuguese Language teaching proposal that is different from ordinary perspectives. The teaching proposal target is students who have finished the high school, are attending preparatory classes to Brazilian government job exams and need (re)learn Portuguese. In order to achieve this result, it is necessary to found the traditional teaching process based upon a Linguistic Education using the grammar pedagogy. The work is divided into three chapters, followed by conclusions. Chapter 1 defines the Linguistic Education using linguistic and pedagogical aspects. Chapter 2 presents some theories that found a more relevant and effective language teaching. The arguments are based upon grammar types and concepts. Chapter 3 presents examples, guidelines and suggestions for grammar, written and oral exercises using grammar pedagogy. Finally, the conclusions present considerations covering teaching and learning procedures for Portuguese Language paying attention to a Linguistic Education that aims to make the student a polyglot in his/her own mother language. Results have shown the Linguistic Education based upon the grammar pedagogy may work very well in classes where functional language is always taken into account. Teaching Portuguese Language under Linguistic Education perspective helps the student to build a more thoughtful and critical profile and to overcome relevant obstacles and apprehensions when he/she studies Portuguese.


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