Enquadramentos de Guerra: a cobertura do recente conflito no Iraque em dois jornais brasileiros




3 Abstract This work intends to analyze, using the theory of framing, the coverage made by two Brazilian newspapers of the Iraq conflict, taken place in 2003. In total, 1080 articles were analyzed from Folha de S. Paulo and Jornal do Brasil. The main goal of this study is to verify if the effects of the international structure of information, which would have been detected in the early 70s by the commission created by Unesco to investigate the subject, persists until today or if the development of the mass media and the emergence of new medias succeeded in assuring a level of plurality in the international covering scenario made by a developing country. The results demonstrate the existence of a hegemonic structure which distorts the content of the news.


esfera pública relatório mcbride hegemony rotinas produtivas framing hegemonia public sphere mcbride report jornalismo internacional. comunicacao international reporting.

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